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1 a : green in tint or color

            b : green with growing plants

  // verdant oasis

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The word verdant refers to luscious, green vegetation. We believe that every space should be verdant.

We don't just sell plants. We treat your plants as if they were our own. We give all our plants the care and love they need to thrive. 

"I love plants, so as a young undergraduate student, when it came time to decide what subject to major in, botany was at the top of the list. I learned so much, botany is fascinating. Also, at this time I got to do some cool research on stomata, microscopic pores on the surface of plant leaves.

After studying plant leaves as an undergraduate, I moved on to do a few years of research on plant roots and soil. I'm now working as a horticulture technician on a large horticulture project" - Shane, Verdant team.


Through social media posts and our blog, we aim to share valuable information, and top care tips. From absolute beginners to botanists, we’ll help make your space greener.

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